About Us

WRAPfinery is an online business that brings together all the elements you need to create beautifully wrapped gifts, personally ‘wrapped for you’ for that someone special, or for those special occasions.

At WRAPfinery we believe how you present a gift says so much more, making it personal really shows you care. We have wrapped some stunning gifts in incredible materials and sent them all over the world, take a look at our gallery for some gift wrapping inspiration.

Whilst WRAPfinery exists to help you to create your own beautifully wrapped gifts, should you choose to leave it up to the professionals we provide a complete gift wrapping service ‘WRAPPED for YOU’.

We carefully select our ranges to cater for many occasions, and many budgets.

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Made with Care

Because our philosophy at WRAPfinery is to make it possible for everyone to be able to wrap gifts beautifully that will surprise and delight their family and friends.

We take every bit as much care and attention in making our gift wrap kits as we do actually wrapping beautiful gifts.

Our team wear gloves to help prevent finger marks when creating your Wrapped by You gift wrap kits. All our Classic and Luxury wrapping paper is cut by hand.  And, we cut our small classic kit slightly larger than average wrapping paper sheets, providing excellent value for money.

We hand roll all our Wrapped by You wrapping paper and pack it in a protective sleeve. Even though it costs us more to pack it this way, we think it’s worth it so that it helps avoid unsightly creases and reaches you the best possible condition.

All our Wrapped by You gift wrap kits are boxed in purpose designed packaging to help keep them in great shape all the way to your door, ready for you to unwrap and wrap your gifts with.

Image of WRAPfinery colleagues wrapping wearing gloves