Our Charity of the Year

WRAPfinery has selected SNORS as its Charity of the Year partnership. SNORS – Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary (registered charity number 1163102) was formed to help rescues with special needs or older rabbits.

Who is SNORS, and why were they founded?
Did you know that over 67,000 rabbits pass through UK rescues each year? It’s a staggering number, and many of these have significant and costly health issues. Reputable rescue centres work hard to re-home these rabbits but rabbits who are older, and those with significant health issues are often overlooked when families are looking for a rabbit to join their family. This is why SNORS was founded. They work with reputable rescues to offer rabbits with complex health needs a specialist, and loving permanent home.

What they do
We have visited SNORS and seen the amazing home that SNORS rabbits enjoy. And it is a home, where they receive the medical attention they need – but importantly love and companionship in a domestic environment.

Why did we choose SNORS?
Being animal lovers we wanted our first charity of the year to be animal related, and yes there are many wonderful animal charities – large national charities as well as small local ones. We decided not to select a large national charity as it would be hard to see the difference any donation actually made.

WRAPfinery donating to SNORS

Rabbits are a favourite of ours, we have two characterful giant bunnies – who we were introduced to as a result of one of the Trustees of SNORS, brothers who’d been abandoned along with their siblings at a rescue.

Within our range of WRAPfinery gift wrapping kits we have ‘Wrapped for Pets’, which includes kits for rabbits, cats, and dogs.  Every time one of these kits is purchased we will donate 50p to SNORS.  This will help with vet bills, food, medicine, and keeping the rabbits in a wonderful and stimulating environment.

You can find out more about SNORS through their web site www.SNORS.co.uk where you can see their resident rabbits, and understand more about the great work they do – and of course where you can make your own donation.