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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to pre-empt the types of questions you may have, and included them below.  As and when we receive any customer questions which we think might be useful we will add them here.

Can I buy WRAPfinery kits in the shops?

WRAPfinery gift wrap kits are only available online at the moment.  This means we can keep our costs as competitive as possible and continue to offer a variety of different kits to suit all occasions and budgets.

If I order more than one kit does the postage price change?

Yes, if you order more than one kit in a single shopping experience then the postage and packaging costs will automatically change when you get to the checkout stage.
We use My Hermes to courier our kits, so we have built in their charges by weight to calculate the best shipping price for you.

I've changed my mind, can I have a refund?

<p>Our refund policy applies if you receive a faulty WRAPfinery kit, which we take several steps to avoid.</p>
Each kit is created on-site at our WRAPfinery offices, with our team wearing cotton gloves to protect all elements of your kit.  Before the kit is sealed a second member of the team them checks all contents before it is posted.

We have chosen to send our kits by courier so that we can track each kit that leaves WRAPfinery to ensure secure arrival with you.

Any complaints about kits are recorded so that we can monitor and adapt our in-house processes, or where necessary speak with our suppliers.

Do I have to use double-sided tape?

Whilst we recommend double sided tape when using your WRAPfinery gift wrap kits, to get the best finish, you can use single-sided tape.
If you are following our Step-by-Step guides just use your single sided tape where we have stated double-sided.

Should I use different paper when wrapping awkward shapes?

There are advantages to using different types of paper depending on what you are wrapping.  When wrapping awkward shapes you often need to tug and pull a little more than you would with a standard shaped gift.
The types of things that will be easier to wrap with a stronger wrapping paper, or a flexible wrapping material are:

  • Bottles
  • Footballs
  • Tins