Step By Step Guide - Premium Collection

This step by step guide has been created to help you wrap like a professional, using your WRAPfinery Premium Collection gift wrap kit.  If you have already used one of our Classic Collection kits you will be pleased to know that steps 1 to 16 are the same!

From step 17 we show you how to neatly add ribbon to your gift.

Let's get wrapping

Lets get wrapping - step 1

Step 1 – Before you start, make sure you have everything you need close to hand:-

  • WRAPfinery Gift Wrap Kit
  • The gift to wrap
  • Scissors
  • Tape.

Steps 2 to 16 are exactly the same as the Classic Collection.

Step 2 – Place your gift on the gift wrap paper, and check the best angle to cover all of your gift.

This is were the tin cans come in handy – use weights to hold down the edges of the wrapping paper.

Step 3 – Cut off any excess paper, leaving about 5cm over-hanging at each end.

Step 4 – Take one end of the cut paper parallel to your gift and do a small fold in, to create about a 1cm overlap.

We'll show you how to get neat, almost invisible joints

Step 5 – Then position your gift so that the folded edge of the wrapping paper is aligned to the edge of the gift.

Step 6 – Take your double-sided tape and place a piece along the edge of the paper you’ve folded over.

Step 7 – Then wrap around your gift, pressing firmly along the line of the tape to secure your paper.

(Because the fold aligns with the edge of your gift it will be almost invisible).

Step 8 – Push the overhanging paper in, making sure it is no longer than the height of your gift – any excess should be trimmed off.

Hold the flap in place with one hand, and use your other hand to crease the paper.

It's all about the creases

Step 9 – Then take one side and push it in, keeping the paper tight and firmly creasing it.

Step 10 – Repeat at the opposite side so that you are left with a triangle shape.

Step 11 – Bring the triangle up, and again crease it along the fold at the bottom for neatness.

Step 12 – Fold the top of the triangle back so that it aligns with the two side folds, and crease it.

Expertly folded ends

Step 13 – Now let the paper drop back to your flat surface and fold the triangle in on itself and crease again.

Step 14 – Put a piece of double-sided tape on each of the 3 sides.

Step 15 – Remove the protective layer and secure.

Step 16 – Now repeat at the other end and turn your gift the right way up.

The professional way to add your ribbon

Step 17 – Take your ribbon and wrap it around your gift, leaving a length of ribbon overhanging.

The longest part of your ribbon (we will call this ribbon No.2) should then be folded at 90 degrees across your short length of ribbon.

Step 18 – Take the length of ribbon no.2, and wrap it around your gift until you are back at the start.

Ensure you hold the 90 degree folded part of your ribbon in place with one hand.

Tip: Tilt your gift forward to wrap the ribbon around whilst holding the folded part in place.

Step 19 – Maintain a hold over the 90 degree folded part of ribbon, and now take ribbon No.2 across the  junction of ribbons.

Step 20 – Now you have taken the ribbon over the junction, tuck ribbon No.2 underneath.

This will secure your ribbon around your gift.

Adding the tag, and your ready made bow

Step 21 – With one hand on each length of the ribbon pull outwards and to tighten the ribbon around your gift.

Step 22 – Tie a small knot with your two ends of ribbon.

Tip: you can always get someone else to put their finger in the middle to keep the tension you want on the ribbon.

Step 23 – Using this method means you will not have any knotted bumps underneath your gift.  It will stand flat on a surface, or as part of a stack of presents.

We won’t lie, it does take a bit of practice but once you master it you will do it without even thinking about it!

Step 24 – Finally, tie your tag to your knot of ribbon, and add your ready made bow.

That’s it!  You are done, a professionally wrapped gift for any occasion.