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Wrapped for Pets

Our pets are a huge and important part of the family. Many people now give gifts to their dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals, and as well as being able to buy pet stockings and special pet treats for events like Birthdays and Christmas. We have a selection of rabbit, cat, and dog wrapping paper, and every kit includes a special pet treat or another handy item. What’s more, with every purchase of these wrapping kits, we will donate 50p to SNORS, which is our chosen animal charity.

Paper And Wrapping Kits

The kits include pet friendly wrapping paper, a Kraft gift tag, ribbon, and a pet themed embellishment – such as cat toy, a dog poo bag holder, a dog chew, pine cone, or a carrot treat for your rabbit. Even your pets can enjoy the experience the unwrapping their gifts with these great looking, pet friendly, gift wrapping sets.


For every purchase of a pet wrapping paper set sold, we will donate 50p to our chosen animal charity, which is Special Needs Older Rabbits Sanctuary (SNORS). SNORS offers older rabbits, and those with complex medical requirements, a loving and long-term home. More than 60,000 rabbits a year pass through animal sanctuaries and rescue centres, and it is especially difficult to find permanent homes for old rabbits and those with complex and expensive medical requirements. SNORS offers these rabbits a home and a hope.




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Pet embellishments are not indestructible, and are not sold as such.  All pet play should always be supervised.