Wrapped on Brand

Our corporate gift wrapping service allows you to communicate your brand or a specific promotion. We can prepare a gift wrapping kit that includes paper, bows, and a ribbon, so that you can wrap gifts for customers, for employees, or as a promotional give-away. Alternatively, we can wrap the gifts for you so that they are ready to be presented to the recipient straight away.

Wrapped For You Corporate Gift Wrapping Service

Using our Wrapped on Brand service, you can provide us with your company colours, or have us create completely bespoke paper and bows. We will then carefully and professionally wrap your gifts before sending them back to you for gifting to the recipient. Our prices for this service reflect economies of scale, so if you have a lot of gifts that need to be wrapped, you can enjoy an even more cost effective wrapping solution with our corporate gift wrapping service.

Corporate Gift Wrapping Paper Kits

Alternatively, we can provide you with gift wrapping kits so that you can wrap the items yourself. Simply provide us with details of your company colours or corporate colours, and we will provide you with a wrapping paper, ribbon, and bow design. Designs can also incorporate luxury items and we will ensure that you have the right amount of material to adequately wrap any products that you are giving away.

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Company Colours

Whether we wrap the gifts for you, or send you corporate gift wrapping kits, one of the simplest but most effective and cost effective solutions, is to use your company brand colours. We can use your primary and secondary branding colours to create a stunning looking design that not only looks great but helps to promote your business with the recipient. They will remember the kind gift that they were given, and they will remember the design of the wrapping, as well as your company name and colours.

Branded Corporate Wrapping Paper

If you really want to push your brand, then you can send us your logo and have us create a bespoke corporate wrapping paper set for you. The paper will include your printed logo, and the package will use your corporate colours too. Branded paper is an especially good idea for wrapping giveaways and other promotional items because it ensures that the recipient remembers all the details of your brand.


There are many potential uses for corporate gift wrapping. You can use our corporate gift wrapping service to create branded giveaways or promotions. You can wrap gifts for employees and stakeholders. You can give gifts to your most loyal customers, clients, and even suppliers. Alternatively, you can use branded wrapping paper for dressing shop windows, as props for scenes or even for filming. Whatever your requirements, our branded corporate wrapping paper is high quality, our kits offer everything you need to wrap gifts, and our wrapping service can provide you with a beautifully and loving wrapped gift for the recipient.